About Us

is an R&D (Research & Development) Mediapro Company, specialized in the creation, development and building of special systems with remote control for HD Television Cameras that bring movement, emotion and realism to the broadcast.

We have started in the broadcast field and in the developing of innovative remote-controlled camera systems solutions in 1996 with OmniCam.

In 2008 we gathered with Mediapro Group with a new company Omnicam4Sky, a new thirst with better facilities was born to deliver new solutions in remote-controlled camera motion.

Omnicam4Sky main goal now is the continuation of creation and development of new types of camera systems that will improve and innovate the production and broadcast of any kind of event

With our own made monorail Track Camera and Suspended Camera systems, we are among world leaders of these unique services.

Besides the creation, development and mass production in our workshops, we also execute the rent of our different types of systems for capturing special images.

With resource to our specialized technicians we position our HD cameras in strategic places, using for the effect systems of fixation and remote control of own creation, obtaining new perspectives and allowing with precision, reliable camera movements or simply unique static perspectives.

Our core business is the application of our systems adding to live (or taped) broadcast transmissions different perspectives and shots.

• Broadcasters
• Content and TV Production Companies
• Sport Clubs, Academies & Federations
• Companies interested in Special Cameras solutions

After a project is complete, we ask our clients to give their feedback on the service offered.
Here you can share a few appreciated remarks for each of our areas of activity.

We are proud to be one of the main Special Cameras provider in the Broadcast market and we aim to continue growing worldwide,
together with our partners and customers.