RCP003, as a comprehensive evolution of the previous RCP, keeping all is functions while added extra new ones such as:

• automatic camera recognition

• multi IP segments
   • tally & GPI I/O standard OCP/RCP length size

• RGB color led for all knobs.

A user friendly GUI
combined a 7" touch screen panel together with physical buttons and knobs, allow operators to quickly
match and manage up to 10 cameras over an ethernet connection fitting broadcast standard

Some examples of compatible brands and cameras:
• OmniCam4Sky X5A; X5C; X5U; PTR RONIN
• Dream Chip by GOODIX Atom SSM500; AtomOne 4k 16; AtomOne mini Zoom; Air; WaterProof
• Z-Cam Z CAM E2-M4 - 4K Ultra HD
• Marshall CV420-CS 4K60 12GSDI
• Panasonic AW-HE50, AW-HE40, AW-HE60, AW-UE150K 4K
• Vision Research Phantom V64x; Miro
• BMD camera via ATEM ; BMD Teranex