Beauty Shot MiniCam

Without the need to pan and tilt to see the entire venue we deliver the possibility to place and use our minicam’s fitted with extreme wide-angle low-distortion lens or with an Ultra Fisheye lens adaptor to get an extreme fisheye effect.

You can choose from MiniCam X5A system or X5C standalone camera, both with unbelievable picture quality that suits all the needs that can be demand from a beauty shot MiniCam.

  • Horizontal field of view (HFoV) from 50° to 129°
  • Camera picture remote control (X5A + X5C) or joystick local menu (X5C only)
  • Remote iris control (X5A) or manual (X5C)
  • Machined aluminum case protecting lens and camera
  • Ruggedized connectors with only one cable for all functions